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Abrahamic Alliance International holds the following values to guide all we do:

  • Collaboration to advance the common good in a context of compassion, building genuine friendships, rehumanizing those often dehumanized by popular stereotypes, and demonstrating that religious diversity need not be feared in our deeply divided and polarized world. Instead, it can catalyze powerful synergy to benefit society for the glory of God, سبحان الله , כבוד השם 
  • Compassion, benevolence, and mercy, practiced even among those with whom we stridently disagree, because God is compassionate, benevolent, and merciful.
  • Cooperation and peaceful coexistence, not relativism, syncretism or universalism. No one is expected to deny or relinquish any exclusive truth claims of our sacred Scriptures.
  • Faith in the God of Abraham, and respect for the monotheistic diversity of religious traditions followed by his children.
  • Forgiveness of those who wrong us, graciously modeling that respect triumphs over disrespect, love over hate, mercy over vengeance, and non-violence over violence.
  • Humility enabling us to safely listen and learn from others while remaining firmly grounded in our own faith. We do not arrogantly help others with an illusion of superiority, but humbly acknowledge we will likely receive far more than we give.
  • Love for God shown by an active love for neighbors, seeking always to do unto others what we would have done unto us.
  • Respect for and service to all, friends and enemies, regardless of creed, race, gender, history or political conviction. We seek to understand each other deeply, even as we long to be understood.
  • Mutual appreciation, not proselytizing, Judaizing, Christianizing or Islamicizing. While humbly learning from each other in friendly dialogue promotes mutual understanding, respect, and appreciation, comprehending both common ground and difference also equips us to better understand and practice our own faith, thereby helping us become more faithful members of our respective communities.
  • Obedience to clear commandments in our respective Scriptures regarding how we should live and relate to our neighbor, and humble confession to God and others involved when we fail.
  • Hope that we, guided by our respective Scriptures, can transcend the fear and misinformation which promote gross misunderstanding, disrespect, and contempt for others, even as we anticipate a coming messianic era of universal peace when all suffering and war will cease.

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