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Shalom, Salaam, Peace

Abrahamic Alliance International is a faith-based, non-profit organization uniting Jews, Christians, and Muslims for active peacebuilding and poverty relief. Our mission is to unite Jews, Christians, and Muslims everywhere to cooperate and collaborate in building peace through:
  • Teaching seminars to build mutual respect and better understanding of each other's faith and culture.
  • Helping the poor, suffering and marginalized through local community service.
  • Mentoring peacemakers according to the sacred Scriptures of our respective faith communities.
  • Relieving extreme poverty internationally through generosity, educational empowerment, and compassionate service.

Top News

Christians, Muslims and Jews to gather for interfaith Passover Seder

NEW YORK — Upper East Side religious leaders are hoping that breaking bread together — the unleavened kind — will help to break down barriers between New Yorkers of different religions. Christians, Muslims and Jews will gather at an Interfaith Peace Seder, the ritual meal that marks the beginning of Passover, at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday at the Park Avenue Christian Church. The building is home to both a Christian congregation and Da’at Elohim: The Temple of Universal 

Minnesota loses Christian-Muslim dialogue champion

MINNEAPOLIS — Minnesota lost a great pioneer in interfaith relations. Dr. Terry Nichols, a professor of theology, the founder and co-director of the Muslim Christian Dialogue Center (MCDC) at the University of St. Thomas, passed away on Saturday, April 12, 2014. It is hard to express the sense of loss in words. Terry has been a 

Nigerian Christians, Muslims dine together for peace and service to the needy

KADUNA, Nigeria — Christian and Muslim groups who attended the ECWA Gospel Church Tudun Nupawa “Friends Special Day” in Kaduna yesterday agreed to ensure peaceful and harmonious coexistence and work towards the development of the state. The programme which was organized to boost peace-building efforts in the community and the state and provide assistance to street beggars and the disabled witnessed prominent Christian and Muslim leaders exchanging gifts and having lunch together. Speaking at the 

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