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AAi Compassion

AAi unites Jews, Christians and Muslims to serve the poor, building bridges of understanding and respect in a context of compassion. Check out our recent compassion events, then contact AAi to learn how your congregation can sponsor an AAi Compassion event in your community.


AAi Seminars

AAi brings graduate-level education from world-class scholars to grassroots Jewish, Christian and Muslim communities who want to learn about their Abrahamic neighbors and collaborate with them in compassion. 

Jewish Seminars

For the Jewish community, AAi offers:

Christian Seminars

For the Christian community, AAi offers:

Muslim Seminars

For the Muslim community, AAi offers:


To host an AAi seminar at your congregation, contact AAi for details.
More seminars by additional instructors are needed to meet the diverse needs of Abrahamic congregations. AAi is building an international alliance of peacemaking educators to equip their respective communities to build bridges of understanding and respect with their Abrahamic neighbors, not only by surveying the vast common ground shared and exposing unjust stereotypes, but also by exploring various perceptions of difference that have divided us historically. AAi stands ready to assist Jewish, Christian and Muslim peacemaking scholars to develop these seminars and propagate them widely Read more

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