Shifa Clinic for women is 'dream come true'

MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. — Indigent women will have a new option for health care thanks to the efforts of a local Veterans Affairs doctor and funding from a national Islamic relief group. The Shifa Clinic will offer free care on Saturdays starting Jan. 7. "The idea was just to serve and help," said Dr. Reshma Khan, 41, a gynecologist at the Ralph H. Johnson VA Medical Center. On Thursday, Imam Mohamed Melhem of Central Mosque of Charleston prayed in the waiting room of the new charity clinic, which he said is the first of its kind in the state. "In Islam, we believe that we have to do service and help everyone," Melhem said. Khan's vision of establishing the free health care center is coming to life through her persistence and the generosity of the Islamic Circle of North America Relief USA, which is paying the rent on the three-room clinic located in an office building on Lowcountry Boulevard. "They are helping me set this up," she said. She compared the process of getting the clinic running to learning how to ride a bike. After the initial cash infusion from ICNAR, she hopes the effort will become self-sustaining through local donations and grants. Routine gynecological exams including ...      Read more

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Berlin’s Palestinian mayoral candidate proud of city’s Jewish revival

BERLIN — A German politician who has been outspoken in promoting the need for early Holocaust and anti-Semitism education is poised to be the next mayor of Berlin. Seeking to succeed the German capital’s incumbent, Klaus Wowereit — the city’s first openly gay leader — Palestinian-born Raed Saleh may become Berlin’s first immigrant mayor. Saleh, 37, who was born in the West Bank and came to Berlin at age 5, offers a story of social advancement and tolerance he hopes will win over voters and set an example for others. The son of a Palestinian “guest worker” who brought his family to then-West Berlin in the early 1980s, the 37-year-old Saleh started out working at Burger King and later co-founded a company that provides printing services. “At the moment, a lot of young people have the feeling that they don’t have a share” in society, he said. Berlin is home to a large immigrant community, including many people with Turkish roots, some of them poorly integrated. A growing new

‘Spread hummus, not hate’ campaign unites Muslims, Jews

WASHINGTON — A small band of Jews and Muslims marched through one of the city’s busiest squares Tuesday (Oct. 14) shouting “Spread Hummus! Not Hate!” and trying to draw the attention of an otherwise blase group of workers lined up at food trucks. Many in the lunchtime crowd kept their earbuds firmly in their ears or continued chatting with their co-workers. But a few people joined in to sing “Salaam, Shalom,” a tune with the words for peace in Arabic and Hebrew, or to pen a comment on the side of the

Christian, Jewish and Muslim leaders announce day of unity

unitySYDNEY — Jewish, Christian and Muslim leaders have announced October 25 as a National Day of Unity in response to reports of discrimination, violence and rising tensions within the Australian community. Standing together outside Pitt St Uniting Church, the religious leaders invited all Australians to take part in visible acts of

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