Shifa Clinic for women is 'dream come true'

MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. — Indigent women will have a new option for health care thanks to the efforts of a local Veterans Affairs doctor and funding from a national Islamic relief group. The Shifa Clinic will offer free care on Saturdays starting Jan. 7. "The idea was just to serve and help," said Dr. Reshma Khan, 41, a gynecologist at the Ralph H. Johnson VA Medical Center. On Thursday, Imam Mohamed Melhem of Central Mosque of Charleston prayed in the waiting room of the new charity clinic, which he said is the first of its kind in the state. "In Islam, we believe that we have to do service and help everyone," Melhem said. Khan's vision of establishing the free health care center is coming to life through her persistence and the generosity of the Islamic Circle of North America Relief USA, which is paying the rent on the three-room clinic located in an office building on Lowcountry Boulevard. "They are helping me set this up," she said. She compared the process of getting the clinic running to learning how to ride a bike. After the initial cash infusion from ICNAR, she hopes the effort will become self-sustaining through local donations and grants. Routine gynecological exams including ...      Read more

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Palestinians rescue settlers after West Bank attack

A Jewish family driving through a Palestinian village in the West Bank on Saturday night was pelted with rocks by the residents of the village. But after losing control of their car and flipping over, they were surprised to find that the passersby that came to offer them their help were also Palestinians. Yedaya Sharchaton, 25, and his wife Hadassah, 24, were traveling with their one-year-old daughter Nitzan from Jerusalem to their home in Yatir, south of Hebron. Shortly after midnight, while driving through the Palestinian village Beit Umar, Palestinians hurled large rocks at the family's car. One of the rocks, the size of a melon, broke through the windshield and hit Yedaya in the face as he drove. He lost control of the car that veered sideways, hitting the safety barrier, flipping

Australian Christians, Jews vow to ‘love Muslims’

Faith leaders launch campaign of support to counter growing anti-Islam hostility. Christian and Jewish religious leaders in Australia have launched a campaign to express love and support for the country’s Muslim population. The campaign, called “We’ll love Muslims 100 years,” was initiated in response to a perception of growing anti-Islam hostility in Australia. The name is a riff off on a recent headline

Stop the Anti-Semitism When Talking Gaza

Criticism of Israel’s actions in Gaza is one thing. But anti-Semitism is quite another. Keep it away. Far, far away. At a crowded Muslim-American event I attended Sunday in North Jersey, Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN), the first Muslim elected to Congress, spoke about a range of issues. The audience, many of whom have supported Ellison since he was first elected in 2006, cheered many of his comments, but the biggest applause line came when Ellison said: “There’s absolutely no place for anti-Semitism in discussing Israeli policy.” And that reaction is not atypical in my experience.

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